Sunday, March 22, 2009

" Driving "

As I ride along these sometimes lonely highways_____
I think of all the things I see.
Into the night I drive ever long________
for tomorrow there is somewhere I have to be.

The cities and towns all lit up______
and families are gathered at home.
I get filled with envy of them______
for here I ever roam.

I see it all from my driver's seat_____
the beauty and the beast.
From the mountains to the oceans____
from who have most and who have least.

It is a life of traveling_____
never knowing whats around the next bend.
You drive both day and night_____
on a road that never really ends.

It is though I am a part of the roads___
that it flows through my veins.
It is a body of boats and airplanes____
trucks to trains.

Trucking is a way of life for many_____
to which my life I give.
Untill you touch, feel and see what I have____
perhaps you have not really lived.

You all be safe.............Later, Brad


  1. Wow Brad very nice!! You have talent.

  2. I hope you don't mind, I posted a link to this over on my blog.