Thursday, March 23, 2017

Remembering the old Sailor in me.

It kind of amazes me of the things that I have done in my life as I look back upon it. I never really gave much thought about my surroundings as I did things until now. When I was in the Navy I had the most amazing time of my life. I worked on the flight deck which I loved because I love aircraft. I was surrounded by jets, props and choppers. People climbing into aircraft, weapons being loaded, fueling being done, elevators going up or down and people towing, unchaining, unchalking and directing all this going on at the same time in all kinds of weather day and night. When I walked on to the flight deck I put myself, just like everyone else up there, in harms way never thinking about the possibility of not making it back down to my bunk. I got hazardous duty pay as did everyone else up there but I never considered the reason why I got it, I just had fun doing what I was doing______now I look back and thank God I am still here! This revelation I just wrote about is not for a pat on the back but a salute to those that did it before me, with me and are still doing it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fill in the blank.

Ok, I have had it with all the ridiculous and insulting nonsense that the politicians are spewing from their stupid mouths. No matter what side of the fence they come at us from neither have a clue about anything. I tell you what, I am throwing my hat in the ring. Stop, keep reading. You may find some humor, reason to think about what I am saying and even perhaps get behind me. So here goes:

1. I do not have any money to campaign so I will need a lot of word of mouth.
2. I do not have an extensive amount of higher education.
3. My past does have some blemish, nothing terrible.
4. The following is my platform:
A. Get rid of the party system, it does not work anymore.
B. Elect on the popular choice.
C. Get rid of the electoral college.
D. Only have one Senator and one Congressman (sorry, person) per state.
E. Get rid of this "political correct" crap.
F. Lock down our boarders.
G. Get rid of the illegal aliens.
H. No amnesty for any part of illegal's, including the ones born here.
I. Stop foreign aid and apply to our citizens.
J. Stop rebuilding war is "WAR" damage.
K. Open up our closed down military bases and take the people that are on welfare and food stamps
and put them to work in them to earn the freebies they are getting.
L. Re-enact the draft. Every one at the age of 18 must register. Now let me say this, I am not saying.
that they will be called on as we where when we were at that age. I would like to have a pool to draw from.

M. This nonsense that the electic officials get this enormous salary after they leave office. That is got to
N. What this country needs most of all "IS THIS COUNTRY". We need to get back to the American
basic's. Build American, buy American and be American.
O. We need to take the money we are lending and spending oversea's and put it back into our
P. Tax the rich the percentage that they should be paying.
Q. Put the parents and school back in charge of our kids.
R. Take big government out of the home.

Well, there you have it. I really do think that what I believe would if nothing else put us back on the right track to recovery. I know that there are a lot of things that you would consider off the wall. But stop and think about it, your may change your mind.

So when you go to the booth, and you see that little space at the bottom. Go ahead and right my name in.

I am Ralph L, Bradbury and I approve of this blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Enough is enough!"

I have tried not to voice my opinion where I am sure I will be stepping on peoples feet. But, as the title of the blog states..."Politically Correct.....not" you must realize that I have my own mind set agenda. Before I get started I first will say this, if I offend you it is only because evidentially you most likely offend me. Also, if you are a devout anything, then I will most likely be stepping on your toes.

To begin with...Casey Anthony was found not guilty...get over it.
Nancy,Jane,Vinny,HLN are the cause of alot of hate.
I did not nor would I ever vote for Him.
Reality shows are not reality.

Still here? Then lets get to the topic.............

GAYS...........did you know that you can go to school and learn how to be gay? Did you know that you can pray your gay away? Did you know that gay marriage is ruining straight marriages? Did you know that every gay person is after every straight person and want to have sex with them?

Did you know that when you call for the fire department, the fire man that just saved your child may be gay?

Did you know that the police officer that just pulled you out of a wreck may be gay?

Did you know that the medical person that just saved your life may be gay?

Did you know that the men and women in the armed services that fight and die for your freedom may be gay?

Some self proclaimed gay man was on the radio the other night saying that he prayed his gay away and now he is a minister and married to a woman. Ok, he is living a straight life. From everything he said about his childhood and how he lived his life I, nor did the person that was interviewing him feel that he was gay. He had a bad childhood filled with abuse. He chose to enter the gay lifestyle, the key word being "Chose". He lived in that style for around 11 years and then a friend told him about religion and how it could help perhaps with some of the problems he was going through. He prayed for a different life and "WALLA" he was straight again, pretty much as he already was.

I feel that you are who you are. I cannot imagine anyone praying to be gay, reading books on how to be gay, going to some gay school to learn to be gay. I believe that you are born gay. I feel those that are gay have to put up with enough crap from the homophics then to have more of this nonsense shoveled onto them.

Gayness is not a "FAD" that some people weave their lives in and out of because it is the "THING" to do.

Gay people are not the dreaded down fall of society, the haters are. The states that allow gay marriage I applaud you.

Gay people love, they share, they raise children, they die...hmmmm...oh yeah, just like the straight people.

Get over yourself straight people, gay people most likely don't think you are that desirable to have a fling with. Gays are human and are not predictors on your way of life. They want to be treated like you, want the same rights as you and want to live thier lives as free as you. They are proud of whom they are, hell, they even have parades and banners...."GAY PRIDE". Are you proud of whom you are? You Christians, do you show love, understanding the willingness of do onto others as you would have them do onto you? I am just saying.

Okay, there you go. Am I gay? Why, just because I support the gays? Why, because I am not afraid to speak my mind on the subject? Why, because I don't care what you say about my stance? I tell you what, why don't you go ahead and put a label on me, but I got to let you know..I most likely wont care what you decide on that matter. I know who I am and those who know me know who I am. 'STOP ALL THE FRIGGIN HATE!!!!!!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

" New Sheriff in Town "

Well seems that the pilgrims in these parts are, according to Red Foreman, dumb ass's. While on a trip looking for adventure across the great wide west, some low-down scoundrel that makes water heaters put a varmint of a pipe in the contraption and it broke. Oh, it not only broke, but it shared its misgivings on the unsuspecting homestead. The water not only killed the old laundry room, but left the bathroom in a horrible death of drowning. Yelp, the carpet and underlying tile in both areas are in the great floor coverings in the sky, may they rest in peace.

I put a reward on the pipe of Dead or Alive, and sent my Deputy Mike into put an end to the pipes menacing ways. Ha, the deed is done and the pipe has learned its lesson. But Oh Woe is Me, for now I have to go back and do the dirty work of cleaning up the horror that it left in its wake.

With hat on head, mask on face to fend off the dying dust and gun in hand I ride my mighty orbital sander into the valley of dismay. Back and forth, side to side I bring revenge against the the damage. Ha, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the "BIG PICTURE" if you will.

Yes, just another day in the life of the lone sander rider, but I leave with this warning to all that prey on floors...I am never far away...HI HO Orbital, HI HO.

You all take care now..........................Later, Brad

Monday, December 13, 2010

" I'll be home for Christmas? "

Setting aside all political and spiritual agenda for at least this post. As I drive over the highways at night there is not much to do but let my mind wonder and think of all the things that we take for granted. It is nearing Christmas again and there are lights and decorations everywhere, even in and on our truck. I see families in their homes enjoying their evening together. I see them in cars going to stores. I see families together. This is a catch 22 for me. I am happy for them and yet it makes me sad also, there are so many that can't be with their families or loved ones. It is so easy to overlook those who are not at home. They are the people in service, the firefighters, the police. They are the care givers, the food service and the truckers. All these people that provide for us and protect us are away from those they love. So I say to you, during your time of joy, stop and give thanks to those that have given up their holiday in one way or another so that you can have yours.

To all that cannot
be with those at home.
To all that cannot
be but alone.

To the Doctors and Nurses
and those in the armed forces.
To the Police and truckers
and those in food services.

We appreciate all you do
so I just wanted to say............
Have a Merry Christmas............
and a Happy Holiday....

You all be safe.............later, Brad


Friday, November 26, 2010

"Words falling out of my head."

There comes a time
when you just have to stop.
There come a time
to think about what you got.

There comes a time
to really look around.
There comes a time
to stop staring at the ground.

There comes a time
to escape the rat race.
There comes a time
to reach out and embrace.

There comes a time
to accept who we are.
There comes a time
to wish upon a star.

So this is the time
for family and friends
to come together
to laugh, reminisce and play.
So this is the time
to mingle and help
to share pictures and stories
to hold hands and pray.

So this is the time
to be thankful to be here
to sit and enjoy the feast
and unite on Thanksgiving day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

" BAAHAHAHAHAHA.......... BOO! "

It is amazing what you find when you are not really looking for it. It could be right in front of you and still hidden by a cloak of un-notablelazation..(it is my word and I can use it if I want)... I was honored to be asked to officiate at my Niece's for a Halloween theme wedding. Everyone, well almost everyone, dressed in costume including me. It was an amazing day and night. We all had a great time. I and Ruth Ann got to spend time with relatives that I had not seen in over 30 years and some that I had never seen or even knew I had. We were welcomed with open arms and felt like there never had been any time that was spent apart. I have a AWESOME family. I felt like the old Maypole commercial...."who's on the couch...its UNCLE RALPH" then, there are their friends, both my older relatives friends and my younger relatives friends. They could not ask for better friends. They were so kind and helpful. They also took us in and became our friends as well.

From the time we got there it was a whirl wind of getting this or getting that. Doing this and doing that. Me preparing for the big event, needless to say I was a nervous wreck..not because I had not officiated before, because I have...but because it was my niece and I wanted it to be perfect for her...I mean, she had nothing to be in the state of panic about..( the guys tuxes all were not fitting right, and her flowers that were coming from a very VIP florist were not there and they could not be found by the tracking number and what is a wedding without floweres..omg..omg....why am I worried, the pressure is only building...but the day was saved when silk flowers were made, me....still a wreck...then the time is at hand...and the wedding party is scattered everywhere from the wrong room to the bathroom and one asking is okay to have one more drink....the last of the guest are just getting into the wedding room, standing room only...yelp, pressure on me....then all of a sudden it comes together and the wedding party is walking in....the guys in monster mask and the girls..well the girls were just pretty. Then the Bride..all in black walked in by her dad Dracula and presented to her to be husband the wolf man....standing in front of me...the grim reaper...git the picture...really i pronounce the husband and wife the guest break out in cheers and applause...that was really did i do?...well i guess i did just fine...

So I say to all that was there, thank you for all your love and kindness.

You all be safe...............Later, Brad